Trans Spirit — a call out for community-seekers

I‘ve been looking for community.

Since I came out as trans I’ve been reaching out to various communities and I’ve found support and companionship through the particular challenges of transitioning. Still, there is one aspect of my transition I haven’t had the courage to name and seek support about— bringing together my transness and my spirituality.

There is so much shame for me in being associated with the history and legacy of spirit practices especially organised religion and my own faith tradition, Catholicism. And there is also so much shame for me being associated with being trans. A sea of shame to swim in. A sea I cannot not be swimming in. A sea that has a lot to teach me.

A new friend I made recently, Simon, shared with me a sentence that stays with me: “there is something important to be gained from standing in shame”.

And I’m only at the beginning of understanding what that means for me.

But it’s not only shame that happens at the intersection of being trans and having a spiritual practice. From that shame comes a breaking of the heart that opens the doors to the possibility of learning about patience, belonging and reconciliation. A learning that unfolds across lifetimes. And which is made easier when faced together with others.

Trans Spirit is a small community of people living into their gender through the lens of spiritual practices. Calling all those who:
* Identify as trans or genderqueer and are at the beginning of their transition/gender experimentation
* Have a regular spiritual practice, whether new or old, whether secular or based on any faith tradition: yoga, meditation, prayer, singing, a ritual, walking, writing, dream work etc.
* Are looking to build a community of peers learning and sharing their transness and spiritual life with one another.

Joining would involve both offering your time to set up a community as well as the dedication to actively be part of it. If both of these things speak to you please get in touch. If you know someone else who would love this please share. If you are already doing this work please reach out. I would love to meet you and learn with you. You can reach me at

And to paraphrase Laverne Cox in Disclosure + adding a different ending:

And so, here I am, and here we are. Trans and spiritual.

Trans Spirit Leaflet April 2020 — pay it forward to anyone who might benefit

Hello, I’m Iacob. I’m a certified coach in London. I believe there is tremendous power in moments of change. I coach to support people to relish and capitalize on the moments of change that shape their lives. Now offering contribution-based coaching in response to COVID-19. Say hello.



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